We believe it's important to know as much as possible when viewing any art form. Whether that is our photographs, or someone's art we really like. Whilst we cannot speak for others, these are the rules we live by:

(1) We never, ever cross boundaries. That means no trespassing whatsoever.

(2) We only photograph subjects in their natural environments, exhibiting natural behaviour. 

(3) We follow the principles of "leave no trace". We aim to leave the environment in the same or a better state (we regularly pack out garbage left by others). An example would be sticking to designated trails, and watching where we put our feet.

(4) We will not bait any bird of animal via sound, feed, or sight. We will, however, put up peanut feeders and the like for Wintering birds in our yard.

(5) We will not broadcast the location of any sensitive species.

(6) We will not take, nor exhibit, any photograph of any identifiable person without express permission.

(7) We will not alter, nor manipulate any photograph beyond basic darkroom adjustments without letting you know.


This is us. Let us know if you would like to see something added.




Code of Ethics


We are also members of the League of Landscape Photographers, and ascribe to their code of ethics, which can be found here: